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Smo is the acronym for social media optimization. It means in French optimization for social media or social referencing.

The smo brings together different techniques for using social platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram and linkedin (which is a professional social network) in order to optimize the visibility of a site on social platforms and bring visits to the web page and thus increase its notoriety. The term smo or expert smo can also be used in more advertising process and then refer to professional tensions and skills to optimize advertising campaigns on social platforms including facebook.

This aspect of the smo is becoming increasingly complex with the creation of formats and tools offered by the facebook advertising platform and with the growth of advertising services offered by other social platforms.

What do smo and seo have in common?

Professional tensions on flagship expressions, the search for the best positioning on all search engines, the relentless professional tensions on web contents, their regular production, their permanent optimization of professional tensions on bls, to get backlinks from the quantity of blogs and qualitative sites if the opportunity arises.

A smo strategy relies on the use of social platforms to optimize your web popularity. If the engagement in itself does not have a direct impact on your ranking on all search engines, the distribution of content, especially inbound links, allows you to regularly improve the visibility of your online storefront.

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